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Mentawai Bay Resort
SENTOSA GROUP is a hospitality management company. PT. PUTRA MAHAKARYA SENTOSA is part of SENTOSA GROUP. PT. PUTRA MAHAKARYA SENTOSA started working on its first project in 2006, and owns, operates and develops apartments, hotels and properties in Indonesia.
PT. PUTRA MAHAKARYA SENTOSA is founded on the knowledge and understanding that excellent service and high quality products are the most significant key in achieving the highest level of performance. In fact, this philosophy, combined with full-time dedication, years of experience, and thoroughness, has proven successful time after time and became the driving tool to achieve the company’s vision.
Our company is marching forward and growing. We has been working on many property projects successfully in several cities throughout Indonesia. Despite the fierce competition, we believe that our innovative concepts and excellent working ethics will lead the market.
The best surfing resorts in the world.
1. Infrastructure procurement and Installation Projects.
2. Land Exploration, Zoning and Development for Hotels and Resorts.
3. Development & procurement of water treatment infrastructure with state of the art technology.


Mentawai Bay Resorts Masterplan Integrated project
consist of 13 major projects
that span across 2,615 ha.
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The worldís best surf spot Mentawai is well known as one of the best surfing spots in the world. Over than 70 wave types. [read more] [...]

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